10-02-2018 Budget Workshop Minutes




Supervisor Timothy Teifke called the budget workshop for October 2nd to order at 5:00 p.m. at the New Haven Town Hall. Roll call: Councilman Daniel Barney, Councilwoman Mary Curcio, Councilwoman Patricia Prosser, Councilman William Rombough, and Supervisor Timothy Teifke present. Also present were Highway Superintendent Robert Parkhurst, Bookkeeper Tracy Samson, Town Clerk Debra Allen, and Deputy Town Clerk Jennifer Woolson.


2019 Highway Fund Budget: The highway budget was reviewed with no adjustments made to the preliminary budget. No resolutions were proposed or adopted at the meeting, which was a workshop meeting only.

Retiree Benefits: The need to budget for benefits for the Town’s current employees after retirement was discussed. Mark See will be asked to advise the board as to how to budget the money.

Money to Purchase Highway Equipment: The need to budget money for the purchase of highway equipment in the future was discussed. The board would like to set aside all but $100,000.00 of the current unexpended fund balance in the Highway fund and $100,000.00 of the current unexpended balance in the General fund for the purchase of highway equipment. Mark See will be asked to advise the board as to how to budget the money so that it is in reserve fund, but would be still available for use in an emergency.

McFee Ambulance: Mike Solazzo, Michele Forsyth & Val Johnson of McFee Ambulance gave a presentation on their services and presented three contracts asking the Town to approve the contract they feel is most fair and fits within the Town’s budget. They would like to meet with all the Towns in their service area in November to discuss options for the future.

Next Meeting: The next budget workshop is scheduled for October 16th at 5:00pm.


Meeting Adjourned: at 6:55 by motion of Dan Barney, second by Patricia Prosser. Dan Barney, Aye; Mary Curcio, Aye; Patricia Prosser, Aye; William Rombough, Aye; Timothy Teifke, Aye; Carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Woolson
New Haven Deputy Town Clerk