04-17-2019 Planning Board Meeting Minutes


HELD APRIL 17, 2019


Call to Order: Linda Bond-Clark called the April 17th meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. at the New Haven Town Hall. Roll call: Linda Bond-Clark, William Calderone, Josh Downing, Kathy Phelps, James Searles and Frederick Wilbur present. Patricia Parkhurst excused.

Raymond T Abbott Mobile Home Park:

Raymond Abbott has submitted an application for a mobile home park license for 6 mobile homes at 319 – 323 Co Rt 43. Tax map #s 098.00-01-44.2 & 098.00-01-44.1. Mr. Abbott was out of town and was represented by Don Neville who contacted him by phone to answer questions.

Sketch: The board requested that Mr. Abbott confirm the size of the lot and resubmit his application with a better sketch. The new sketch should be drawn to scale and show:

  • Scale in inches and feet
  • All existing buildings, trees, septic systems, water supply
  • All proposed improvements
  • Dimensions of all mobile homes and sheds
  • Dimensions of parking areas (must be minimum of two 9’x18’ spaces per mobile home)
  • Distance from the back of the existing house to the first lot
  • Distance from the back of the existing mobile home to the first lot
  • Distance from existing mobile home and house to property lines and road
  • Setback from property line to sheds
  • Distance from interior road to mobile homes
  • Setback from property line to mobile homes

Basis for consideration:

  • All units will be hooked to public water
  • All mobile homes will get certificates of occupancy
  • The new mobile homes will be a substantial distance from the road making them visually unobtrusive

Site Plan Review Ordinance: Tabled. Review will continue next time starting at section 5.95.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:59 by motion of William Calderone, second by James Searles. Linda Bond-Clark, Aye; William Calderone, Aye; Josh Downing, Aye; Kathy Phelps, Aye; James Searles, Aye; Frederick Wilbur, Aye. Carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Debra J Allen

New Haven Planning Board Secretary