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Assessor's Office

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  • January 1st:

    • - Town and County taxes become due, payable to the Town Tax Collector

  • March 1st:

    • Taxable Status Date

    • Due Date for Exemption Applications

    • ** Assessment impact notices are sent to property owners if the Town has conducted a reassessment.

  • April 1st – Property Owner authorizes informal assessment review with Town Assessor.

  • May 1st –

    • Tentative Roll Books and Values available at the Town Office

    • Assessments are based on their condition and ownership on Taxable Status Date (March 1st) and the value of property on Valuation Date (July 1st of prior year)

    • Within ten (10) days,

      • Assessment Rolls must be available on municipal website

      • Assessment increase notices must be sent to affected property owners..

  • Dates available to meet with Assessor prior to Grievance Day:

    • An appointment to review the assessment information may be made by calling the Assessor at 315-963-3900 x 3.

    • Friday, May 8th 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    • Saturday, May 9th 8 am to NOON

    • Monday, May 11th 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    • Monday, May 18th 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    • By appointment if necessary.

  • Board of Assessment Review. Note: You may download a BAR application from the New York State Office of Real Property Services website.

    • Tuesday, May 26th 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    • By appointment if necessary

  • 3rd Tuesday in May:

    • School budget voting day for all eligible Town residents.

  • 4th Tuesday in May:

    • Grievance Day (MAY 26, 2020 FROM 4 PM TO 8 PM)

    • If you contest your property assessment, you must file your grievance on RP-524 form by this date. This is the scheduled hearing date of the Board of Assessment Review (BAR.)

  • July 1st –

    • Final Roll Date

    • Valuation Date. (Assessments on 2020 assessment roll on May 1, 2020 were based on the value of the property as of July 1, 2019.)

    • Any changes made to the Tentative Roll by the Board of Assessment Review will show on this roll.

    • If you grieved your assessment and did not receive the relief you requested, you can apply for SCAR (judicial review of your assessment) within 30 days following the Final Roll Date.

  • **July 31st -

    • SCAR – SMALL CLAIMS ASSESSMENT REVIEW: The last day to file is typically July 31st. It is important that you verify this date each year to assure you are within the allowed timeline. There is a nominal fee of $30. Further information may be obtained at:

  • September 1st:

    • - School taxes become due, payable to the School Tax Collector.


Assessor's Office

The Assessor is a local government official who places a value on each parcel within the town. This value is converted into an assessment, which is one component in the computation of real property tax bills.

The Assessor must obtain basic certification  which requires the successful completion of courses prescribed by the New York State Office of Real Property Services.

The Assessor maintains the municipality's assessment roll--the document containing each property assessment. This includes the physical description (or inventory)  value estimate and appropriate exemptions.

The property inventory is available for inspection during regular business hours.

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Comprehensive Plan Committee

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The Comprehensive Plan Committee is a volunteer committee to formulate and publish for approval a Comprehensive Plan for the Town of New Haven that encompasses resources, history, current plan status and future plan for the Town of New Haven. This document will be a reference that may be used by the planning board, the town board and the people to guide the future of the town.

Meets: First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM

All Comprehensive Plan Committee meetings are open to the public.

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently taking applications for new members.


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Planning Board

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The members of the planning board are appointed by the town board. The planning board reviews and takes action on applications for variances from local laws pertaining to building within the Town of New Haven.

They also review and take action on site plans for proposed businesses within the Town.

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Town Board

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The Town Board is the governing body of the town. As the executive body of the Town, the Town Board acts as a unit and must function as a body. An individual Board member may not unilaterally act on behalf of the Town Board. No Town Board Member has more or less authority than any other Board member. Therefore, no Board member can legally act independently for the others or outside the Board. No single member of the Town Board can act for or commit the Board as a body to any particular program or policy.

Town Board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 in the meeting room of the municipal building located at 4279 State Route 104.

All Town Board meetings are open to the public.

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Town Clerk / Tax Collector

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Town Clerk / Tax Collector Office

The Town Clerk's has a variety of responsibilities including:

RECORDING SECRETARY: The Town Clerk acts as recording secretary at the Town Board meetings. These minutes books are retained permanently for both legal and historical purposes.

FILING OFFICER: The Town Clerk's Office maintains records of local laws, Town Oaths of Office, proofs of publication and posting of legal notices and Notices of Highway Defects and the official bulletin board.

ISSUING LICENSES AND PERMITS: New York State licenses issued by the Town Clerk include marriage, sporting licenses, games of chance, bingo and handicapped parking permits. Local licenses/permits issued include Dog License, Garage/lawn sales,and junkyard.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT OFFICER: The Town Clerk has custody of all town records and responds to Freedom of Information requests. Provides certified copies of marriage licenses.

REGISTRAR OF VITAL STATISTICS: Birth and death certificates and burial transit permits are filed with the Registrar of Vital Statistics. The Registrar provides copies of birth and death certificates to qualified persons, and conducts genealogy searches.

GIVES OUT APPLICATIONS: Applications for variances, site plan review and property tax exemptions are available at the Town Clerks office.

NOTARY PUBLIC: The Town Clerk provides notary services to the public.

TAX COLLECTOR: In the town of New Haven the Town Clerk is also the tax collector. The tax collector collects the town and county property taxes. Property tax bills are sent out around January 1st. School taxes are collected by the Mexico Academy and Central School. School tax bills are sent out in September by the school district

COPIES OF MINUTES, LOCAL LAWS, ETC: Copies of minutes of the Town Board and Planning Board meetings are available in the Town Clerk's Office for a fee of $.25 per page. There is no fee for copies of the current Town Budget or most recent audit report. Local Laws are also available. Any of these items may be mailed for an additional fee to cover postage.

BIRTH & DEATH CERTIFICATES: Birth & Death Certificates are filed with this office only if the birth or death occurred within the town. Copies of the Birth Certificates are issued only to the Mother, the Father (if named on Certificate), or the actual child (if 18 Years of age or older). The Children, Parent, or Current Spouse can request copies of Death Certificates. Anyone else has to prove lawful purpose. You may come into the Office and file an application for request, show proof of identification (Driver's License, Non-Driver's License, Passport), and then receive copies. The fee is $10.00 per copy.

For GENEALOGY Requests, there are special requirements; 75 Years on Birth and the person has to be deceased 50 Years. On Marriage both have to be deceased. Genealogy searches start at $22.

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Justice Court

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Justice Court

Justice Court is held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday, except for Holidays. Court starts at 7:00 P.M. and continues until docket is complete.

Please, do not call the Town Clerk with issues concerning Court. The Town Clerk has nothing to do with Court and cannot assist you in such matters. Please refer all questions to the above-mentioned persons. Thank you.

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Highway Department

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HighWay Dept Night Crew 640x480The Highway Department consists of the Highway Superintendent, six full time employees, and several part time employees in the winter. The department maintains 35.53 miles of town roads.

Seasonal activities include:

In the winter season the department provides 24 hours a-day coverage for plowing town and county roads. There are:

  • 59.11 miles of roads to be plowed in the winter months.
  • 35.53 miles of road are owned by the Town of New Haven
  • 23.58 miles of the roads are County Roads
  • State roads are plowed by the state.

Plowing or snow blowing into the street is unsafe and against the law

Town plows will remove snow as close to mailboxes as possible, however, the detailed removal around the box is the homeowner’s responsibility.

In the spring and summer season the workers inspect and maintain all town roads and bridges, repair culverts, remove brush, and mow road shoulders.

In the fall season, winter preparations are underway. Sand is stockpiled and plows and sanders are installed on the trucks.

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Dog Control Office

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Dog Control Office

The Dog Control Officer handles stray dogs and dogs causing problems. He does not handle other domestic animals, including cats and does not handle wild animals. Dogs that are picked up are kept for 5 days. If not claimed by their owner they are adopted out or euthanized.

Dog Control Issues

All dog control issues should be referred to the Town of New Haven Dog Control Officer, Ron Abbott at 963-0944. If you get an answering machine you should leave a message. Please do not contact other towns for New Haven dog issues. Only the New Haven Dog Control Officer has the authority to respond to these matters in the town of New Haven.

  • All dogs over the age of 4 months are required by New York State law to be licensed in the town in which they are harbored. 
  • All dogs must carry a tag with the dogs license number affixed to the dogs collar at all times. 
  • No dog may run at large unless restrained by an adequate leash or under the control of the owner or a responsible person able to control it by command. 
  • No dog may engage in habitual loud howling, barking, crying, etc. 
  • Failure to comply with any of the above may result in a ticket being issued 

The fee for licensing dogs in the Town of New Haven is $7.00 for spayed or neutered dogs and $15.00 for Unspayed or Unneutered dogs. A valid rabies certificate is required to license a dog. A spay/neuter certificate is also required to be eligible for the lower rate. 

Dogs may now be licensed for up to three years at a time. The rabies vaccination must be valid for at least part of each year the license is issued for.

Get your dog licensed and have him wear his tags.

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Building Inspector

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Building Inspection / Code Enforcement Office

The Building Inspector’s responsibilities consist of many aspects.

The Building Inspector does routine drive-bys of the town to be sure that the Building Codes are being followed correctly. The Building Inspector also does inspections of the same.

If you are going to build an addition to your home, erect a shed, install a swimming pool, erect a garage (attached or detached) , etc. you must call and file an application for a Building Permit with the Building Inspector before doing any construction. If you do not, and the Building Inspector finds you doing work, he may place a "Stop Order" and prevent you from continuing any further work until the necessary application is filed and permit issued.

Codes Enforcement is for your protection. Please do not begin a project which requires a permit without first getting a building permit.