Notice of 2020 Tentative Assessment Roll



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 506 of the NYS Real Property Tax Law, the undersigned Assessor of the TOWN OF NEW HAVEN has completed the Tentative Assessment Roll for the Year 2020 and that a copy will be available at the Office of the Town of New Haven Town Clerk and the Office of the Town Assessor, 4279 State Route 104, New Haven, NY, 13121, as of Friday, May 1, 2020 until Tuesday, May 26, 2020, where it will be available for public inspection during regular business hours. The Tentative Roll is also available on the Town Website at:

APPOINTMENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO MEET WITH THE ASSESSOR AND FOR GRIEVANCE DAY. Appointments will be in fifteen (15) minute increments. Please call 315-963-3900 X3 and leave a message to be scheduled.

The Assessor will be in attendance with the Roll at the NEW HAVEN TOWN HALL thus:

Friday, May 8th 2 pm to 6 pm
Saturday, May 9th 8 am – Noon
Monday, May 11th 5 pm – 9 pm
Monday, May 18th 5 pm – 9 pm

Notice is also given that the BOARD OF ASSESSMENT REVIEW (BAR) will meet for GRIEVANCE DAY on TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2020, from 4 PM TO 8 PM, in the NEW HAVEN Town Hall, for the purpose of reviewing any assessment at the request of any interested person. In the event any taxpayer desires a review of his valuation, it will be necessary to file an application for an assessment review with the Assessor or the Board of Assessment Review on NYS Form RP-524, or any other form as prescribed by the NYS Office of Real Property Services, on or before Grievance Day, Tuesday, June 26, 2020. (RP-524 link is Applications and a publication containing procedures for challenging an assessment are available at the Office of the Assessor or online at

Appointed Assessor
Town of New Haven, New York

Dated April 30, 2020