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*** Forms should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or faxed to 315-963-7231.


Application-for-Copy-of-Birth-Record.pdf : Application for Copy of Birth Record

Application-for-Copy-of-Death-Record.pdf : Application for Copy of Death Record

Application-for-Dog-License.pdf : Application for Dog License

Application-for-Genealogy-Services.pdf : Application for Genealogy Services

Application-for-Marriage-Record.pdf : Application for Marriage Record

Application-for-Moble-Home-Park.pdf : Application for Moble Home Park

Application-for-Proposed-Development.pdf : Application for Proposed Development

Application-for-ReSubdivision.pdf : Application for ReSubdivision

Application-for-Subdivision.pdf : Application for Subdivision

Application-for-Variance.pdf : Application for Variance

Flood-Mitigation-Assessment-Process.pdf : Flood Mitigation Assessment Process

How-to-Construct-a-Sandbag-Emergency-Levee.pdf : How to Construct a Sandbag Emergency Levee

SEQR-Application.pdf : SEQR Application


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Town-of-New-Haven-Regulations-Of-Water-District-8.pdf : Regulations of Water District #8

Town-of-New-Haven-Code-of-Ethics.pdf : Code of Ethics Policy

Town-of-New-Haven-Investment-Policy.pdf : Investment Policy

Town-of-New-Haven-Procurement-Policy.pdf : Procurement Policy

Town-of-New-Haven-Sexual-Harrassment-Policy-2011.pdf : Sexual Harrassment Policy

Town-Of-New-Haven-Policy-Against-Discrimination-And-Harassment-2020.pdf : Policy Against Discrimination and Harrassment

Town-of-New-Haven-Regulations-For-Use-of-Town-Meeting-Room-2017.pdf : Regulations For Use of Town Meeting Room

Town-of-New-Haven-Public-Access-to-Records.pdf : Public Access to Records

Town-of-New-Haven-Policy-For-Use-of-Computers-Internet-and-E-Mail.pdf : Policy For Use of Computers, Internet and E-Mail

Town-of-New-Haven-Policy-For-Prevention-of-Violence-in-the-Workplace.pdf : Policy For Prevention of Violence in the Workplace

Town-of-New-Haven-Payments-Allowed-in-Advance-of-Audit.pdf : Payments Allowed in Advance of Audit.pdf

Town-of-New-Haven-Equal-Employment-Opportunity-Policy-2011.pdf : Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 2011

New-York-State-Burn-Law-2017.pdf : New York State Burn Law

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Resolution RS-2417-A : Standard Work Day and Reporting Resolution for Elected and Appointed Officials

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Supervisor / Deputy Supervisor

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The Town Supervisor is an elective legislative position. The supervisor sits on the town board, where he presides over town board meetings and votes on all matters with no more legal weight than that of any other board member (no tie-breaking or veto powers).

After town board decisions have been made, it is the supervisor who often carries out the decisions. The supervisor usually receives the majority of complaints and suggestions of citizens, as well.

The supervisor is also the treasurer of the town and generally rep­resents the town in the conduct of its financial affairs.

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Local Laws

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Town Policies:

• Public Access to Records of the Town of New Haven - The people's right to know the process of government decision-making and the documents and statistics leading to determinations is basic to our society. These regulations provide information concerning the procedures by which records may be obtained.

• Code of Ethics - 

Sexual Harassment Policy - 

• Antidiscrimination Policy - 

• Procurement Policy - The Purpose of this policy is to set forth procurement policies and procedures for purchases and purchase contracts as well as contracts for Public Works

• Payments Allowed in Advance of Audit - The purpose of this policy is to define the types of payments that are allowed prior to the audit.

State Regulations:

• Article 26 of the Agriculture and Markets Law relating to cruelty to animals

• Article 7 of the Agriculture and Markets Law relating to Licensing, Identification and Control of Dogs and Animal Population Control